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   I wrote these books to encourage the youths of today. I want to show them Christ, how He lived, how they might live, and how they might know Him. And through their knowing Him how they might share Him with others. I want to light the world on fire with the passion of the youth of this generation. I want them to be the ones that bring about Christ's second coming and who declare to the world that "We know God. We love God. And we want you to know and love Him as well."

I don't want them to have to spend any more time searching for things that will not fill them and to be filling their life with things that will not fulfill them. I want them to know the One thing that will give them the peace that they want, the joy that they want, and that will fill the desires of their heart. I want them to know Jesus, the truth that is Him, and the love and grace that is Him.

I do not want the youth of today to be sad anymore. They are so sad right now and are lost without a guide. I want them to know they have a guide in Christ and that He will show them the way, the truth, and the life. Through Him they can have an assurance of a life after this and know that this life is not all there is. All they need to do is to know Christ and to live for Him, building a daily relationship with Him. Through knowing Him they can have the assurance of salvation.

Satan knows his time is short and though he has had 2000 years since Christ's resurrection to work with he has not wasted a minute. So why are we as Christians lax in our work? As hard as Satan is working to lose souls, we should be working to save souls. He is attacking our youth the hardest to get them to be followers of him before they've even reached adulthood. We need to strengthen the youth so they can be warriors for Christ fighting to bring souls that are in subjugation to sin to freedom in Christ.

There are books out there now teaching kids things contrary to God's word. Satan is teaching them that God is not as powerful as He says He is or that He doesn't exist at all. Satan is clouding their minds to the truths of His word so that they find it boring. They need to know that God is out there, that He loves them and is more powerful and His word is not boring. When their mind is fixed on Him it can be empowering and more exciting than the fantasy novels of this world because it is reality. There is a battle raging on and we are fighters in it. We can save people. We can be heroes. We don't need video games to make us heroes. We are heroes in Christ and we can save the princesses and princes of this world and bring them to Christ though the power He gives us.

About Elliot:

Elliot is a novelist for Christian Youth. Elliot loves books and has always enjoyed writing. She feels a daily walk with God is important and wants to weave Bible studies into her books to encourage youth to read their Bibles and study God's Word daily.

Elliot is a college graduate with a digital imaging degree.

When she's not writing her novels, she writes and creates art for her online comic-strip, "Subject to Change: College Woes," featuring spin-offs of her long-time friends who went off to college (without her!). She also designs art for t-shirts and other products, featuring the crazy antics of the Subject to Change gang.


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