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Elliot Dylan has recently released her first children's book, Lio's Journey, a beautifully illustrated allegory which your wee ones will enjoy. And now she also has released The Bride Who Waits - a beautiful allegory about Jesus' Bride. Get ready for her upcoming release in the Undercover Angels Series: Undercover Angels: Angel Down. 

Her Undercover Angels Series are Christian novels for youth. Whether male or female, young and old will enjoy these Christian teen novels filled with action, character building lessons, and Bible truths by Christian author Elliot Dylan.

Each novel builds on a Biblical principle and reinforces integrity in the heart of youths.

Great for home-school reading material! Great gifts from Grandma and Grandpa! Need Sabbath afternoon reading material for your young person? Look no further!

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Light Bearers: New Creations (Volume 2)
   The end is finally coming.
For real this time.
This is it.
No take threes.
Decisions must be made. And whatever they decide will determine their fate forever.

Jeremiah, or Momo, as his friends insist on calling him, changed his future. Now he's living in the last days. But even though things are different in these final days, it's still not easy.

Joel has been hearing some things from the prisoner on death row. Things he's not sure whether he believes. But when he meets a girl who can't hear anything, he has to make a decision. A decision that might change his life forever.

The Traveler feels like she's been on the move forever. But until the end comes, she has to keep spreading the light to those still in darkness. If she's not doing that, what's the point in living?

Lessons: Learn the importance of having a personal prayer life, studying the Bible for yourself, and the incredible truths about God's plans for us. It may not be what you think.

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Light Bearers: Treasure in Fragile Vessels (Volume 1)
   Ezekiel looks forward to his first year of high school until he finds himself on another planet with a strange girl and even stranger monsters. And the only way he can get home is if he finds some Book. As if high school isn’t going to be hard enough…

Jeremiah has started to see visions of people that aren’t there. At first he chalks it up to his body recovering from his recent dental surgery, until the portals appear...

Elijah’s got a stalker. But not just any stalker—one that claims to be a voice for God. Problem is, she’s mute…

Three stories one message: a message of God’s love for individuals as well as the world. A love that transcends time and space. In this series learn of the importance of studying the Bible for yourself. Of filling your mind and hearts with the knowledge of who God is before it’s too late. And how having a personal relationship with Christ is one of the most important things you can do. Also learn about how the law is a reflection of God’s character along with other truths in Light Bearers: Treasure in Fragile Vessels.

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Angel Down: Undercover Angels
   Sometimes the greatest battles aren't fought from without, but from within.

Liam Henry is just an average teenager. He enjoys sports, plays with his sister, and spends his summers with his friends. But everything changes for him when an angel appears and invites him to be one of God's warriors. Although he’s scared, Liam faces the demons, but will he succeed as a warrior for God or will he fall to his own demons.

In this installment of Undercover Angels we learn about the Holy Spirit, who He is, what work He does as part of the God head, and how He affects our lives. We also learn the importance of reading the Old Testament as well as the New Testament, the importance of our influence on others, the danger of holding onto envy, and more.

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The Bride Who Waits

Mira was nothing more than a simple farmer's daughter. She never dreamed of being anything more, nor really desired anything more. Okay, she wouldn't have minded a handsome man coming along on horseback to save her and the family farm, but that kind of thing did not happen. At least, not to farmer's daughters.

But then one day he came--a man on a handsome white horse with a smile that made her believe anything could happen. And with him came the worst news she'd ever received. The Prince was looking for a bride and she was among the eligible young ladies invited to be chosen.

An allegory for young and old alike!

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Lio's Journey

Lio the caterpillar wanted to be a butterfly. But more than that he wanted to go to the beautiful garden in which the kind Gardener tends to his creatures. An allegory about the Christian journey that all little caterpillars make in order to reach heaven and their loving Savior.

Parents and Grandparents will love reading this children's book -- also includes Bible verses at the bottom which adults will enjoy reading while your young one admires  the beautifully illustrated pages.

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Elemental Blades: Book Three: Inferno
   Though not a Prayer Warrior anymore, Ace's work for God isn't done yet. But how can he do anything for God without his armor and weapons? And what exactly are God's plans for Ace and can they truly be as awesome as kicking demon tail by God's power? Life has many twists and turns and as Ace and his friends will learn, so does their walk with God. Thankfully, God will always be right by their side as they, and you, will learn in this exciting conclusion to Undercover Angels: Elemental Blades. Inferno.

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Elemental Blades: Book Two: Vines
   Things are amping up for Ace and his friends. With turmoil both inside and outside will the team of Undercover Angels and Prayer Warriors be able to stick together? And if troubles with earthly relationships aren't hard enough, what will Ace do when he's tasked with forming a heavenly relationship with his Savior? Find out in the second installment of Elemental Blades. Part of the Undercover Angels series.

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Elemental Blades: Book One: Water
   Andrew, better known to his friends as Ace, has had a normal life up until his freshman year of college. His world is turned upside down when he's given the title Prayer Warrior. Tasked with the job of fighting alongside God's Undercover Angels, will Ace be up for his new career? And what will he do when he finds that prayer isn't just something you do before bed?

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Force Three: Undercover Angels Season Two
   Mina and her friends continue their fight in the second and final book of Undercover Angels: Force Three. Join them as they continue to learn what it means to be a UA and that with God's help they can defend against Satan and his temptations. As their battle rages on, will they be able to stay together as a team and help those bound by Satan's influence? Find out when the final battle culminates. Whose side will you be on?

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Force Three: Undercover Angels Season One
   Mina, an average high school student, has been chosen to be an Undercover Angel. This elite group of youths fight demon forces while wielding the Armor of God. They use their knowledge from the study of God's Word to bring people back to Him. With the assistance of her guardian angel Aron, she will help those around her defeat the darkness that is encircling the world. Find out who joins Mina and what great battles they will be fighting in this next series of Undercover Angels: Force Three! Season One

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Undercover Angels: Malachi's Battle
   Malachi Stevens is your average teenage boy with a not so average problem. His best friend, Van, is being controlled by a demon. Malachi has his own problem with an angel, Patrick, telling him he needs to study his Bible more to help save Van. But, maybe with some help from Patience and Rosaline, and divine intervention, he just might be able to save his friend, and learn a little something about himself along the way.

"There are invisible agencies observing every word and deed of human beings. In every assembly for business or pleasure, in every gathering for worship, there are more listeners than can be seen with the natural sight. Sometimes the heavenly intelligences draw aside the curtain which hides the unseen world that our thoughts may be withdrawn from the hurry and rush of life to consider that there are unseen witnesses to all we do or say." Quote from Lessons Jesus Taught by Ellen G. White.

This is one of those times...

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Angel Chronicles: Undercover Angels
   Conner Forrest is just your average middle school boy. He hangs out with his friend Sarah and obsesses over his favorite TV show. But all that changes when the local soda seller tells him he is Conner's guardian angel. Now Conner is on the road to becoming an Undercover Angel. With constant attacks from both friends and foes, will he be able to withstand the onslaught? Find out in the next installment of the Undercover Angels series. Also offered in Large Print.

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Inspiring and Thought-Provoking
I thought this novel was inspiring and thought-provoking. Undercover Angels put a desire in my heart to read more about what God calls us to do as Christians. Reading the author's thoughts about the armor of God gave me a new perspective on what kind of power God can have in our lives. This unique book shed a new light on my perspective of the spiritual realm. I was so impressed with the way the author describes the warfare between evil and good. Not only did this book open my mind to new ideas and opinions, but it also encouraged me as a Christian soldier to fight a better fight for the battle of righteousness. -- Kayla Frishman
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Christian Action and Adventure for All Ages
I thought this book might appeal only to a teenager but I really enjoyed it and couldn't wait to read the second book by the same author.

I believe this author is filling a much-needed niche that hasn't been filled -- that of Christian teen action-adventure. It's not one of those typical teen Christian fiction romance novels. In fact it's not about romance at all. It's about a teen boy who finds out he has a guardian angel and becomes a champion for God. His friend is making poor decisions and he and his guardian angel help his friend out of the troubles he has gotten into. There is a girl who is the go-to person for answering Biblical questions, which help him to earn the armor of God.

I'm not as eloquent as the author at explaining all of this stuff, but I'm not an author, so that's expected. LOL. Anyway, it's a great book and I would recommend it for your middle to high school teens. I think boys would like it as much as girls because it has fantasy, action adventure, school, battles with armor and good and evil, and more.

Of course, it's only fantasy if you don't believe angels exist, so I guess maybe it's not fantasy at all! :)

The cover art is beautiful! The details on the front and back are unbelievable! The artist did a wonderful job of depicting the armor of God, the sword, boots, shield, etc.

I'm going to be looking for this author to make an impact in the lives of Christian teens. The book is full of scripture quotes and shows teens making tough choices. -- Nannette Thacker
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